Brandee Younger

This young harpist is a versatile artist, who has proven her ability to defy genres. Ms. Younger is best known for her expressive interpretation of traditional harp music and her work with Grammy-winning Hip-Hop producers, artists, and musicians. She is known for her ability to use the harp in music genres where it is not often used. This is testament to her love of the instrument and her versatility as a musician. Ms. Younger is a classically trained harpist. Younger is a classically trained harpist. She received her undergraduate degrees from Hartt School of Music, West Hartford Connecticut. Her education at Hartt and the mentoring of the jazz department would be the foundation for her future as an innovative Harpist. Hartt was a crucial part of my development as a musician. I was always open to trying new things, and the constant encouragement of Steve Davis, Nat Reeves and Jackie McLean gave my confidence to push forward, despite knowing that there were limits. They never once said “no” to me, ever.” After graduating from Hartt, Nat Reeves introduced her bassist to Kenny Garrett, who would teach her valuable lessons in ensemble playing as well as improvisation. Six months later, she was accepted to New York University for graduate school. Younger already had a strong resume, having performed for Slide Hampton in Hartford as part of “The New Jazz Workshop”, and she was a producer and artist with Ryan Leslie. Omen won a Grammy and Younger joined the Hartt School Community Division’s harp faculty. Ravi Coltrane, a saxophonist, began to work with her in a series celebrating the music of Alice Coltrane, a pianist, organist, and harpist. Ms. Ashby’s work and the study of Coltrane’s music would be a great help. Younger would be able to develop her own style and sound as a musician and harpist. After many years as a sideman for various ensembles, Ms. Younger’s debut EP, “Prelude”, was released in June 2011. It was originally meant to be a demo. The EP was recorded in analog with Dezron Douglas, drummer E.J. and Younger. Strickland, Niia and drummer E.J. recorded the EP in an analog studio. The official release of Prelude was met with great acclaim by the indie music community. Mercedes Benz included the popular original track ‘So Alive” in their compilation “Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape”. Mercedes Benz said that it was “highly reminiscent” of Dorothy Ashby, a soul-jazz composition in which all instruments are melded into a haunting world centered around Niia’s celestial voice. “Beguiling musical subtlety even in times of loudness,” Ms. Younger was a featured soloist with The Harlem Chamber Players, and she was also a selection artist for Impulse Artist Series, a solo music program led by Jade Simmons, a Houston pianist and innovator. Ms. Ms. Younger has performed with a variety of ensembles, including the Eastern Connecticut Symphony and Waterbury Symphony, Soulful Symphony and Ensemble Du Monde, Camerata New York, Camerata New York, Red Bull Artsehcro, an “non-conformist”, orchestra. She has also worked

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