{Since 2010, the Brass-A-Holics have been taking their unique soundn around the world.|The Brass-A-Holics are known for their unique sound and have been touring the globe since 2010.} {Steeped in the deep musical culture of New Orleans,n the band brings a heavy dose of go-go funk to the New Orleans brass nsound.|The band is deeply rooted in New Orleans’ rich musical culture and brings a heavy dose go-go funk into the New Orleans brass sound.} {In a blending of musical cultures stemming from citiesn separated by more than a thousand miles, a Brass-A-Holics live show ntakes the New Orleans brass band culture and infuses it with the electricity of Washington D.C.’s go-go.|A Brass-A-Holics live show fuses musical cultures from different cities, and brings together the New Orleans brass band culture with Washington D.C.’s energy.} {The resulting sound is both ncaptivating and unique.|It is both unique and captivating.} {The band consists of core New Orleans brass nelements -trumpet, trombone, saxophone- and adds a full drum set,n percussion, keyboard, bass and electric guitar, giving the bandn limitless options to explore new sonic territory.|The core New Orleans brass elements of the band, trumpet, trombone, and saxophone, are combined with a full drum set, keyboard, percussion and electric guitar. This gives them endless possibilities to explore new musical territory.} {Whether performing ntheir original music or using the framework of hit pop songs asn springboards for fiery improvisations, there is something in the set nto appeal to every music fan.|There is something for everyone, whether they are performing original music or using popular songs as a framework for fiery improvisations.} {Once the music starts, the demographicsn blend and a brand new experience is created – one that leavesn one-of-a-kind memories that live on long after the last note.|The music begins, and the demographics merge to create a new experience that will last a lifetime.} {The Brass-A-Holics recently recorded a live album and mixtape at The nHouse Of Blues in New Orleans.|The Brass-A-Holics recorded a mixtape and live album at The House Of Blues, New Orleans.} from

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