Brian Bromberg

Brian Bromberg was conceived in Tucson, Arizona on December 5, 1960. David Bromberg, his brother and father, both played drums. This encouraged him to learn the instrument. He began serious pursuit of a career in drumming at the age 13 At the same time, he was urged by his school orchestra leader to play the upright bass. He set a strict practice schedule and even tested out of high school before he could keep it up. But, he wasn’t content with just working in his basement. Bromberg needed to get experience in live performance. He accepted almost every gig that came his way. Bromberg would often play with multiple bands “five to seven nights per week,” as was common. Marc Johnson, the bassist for Bill Evans in 1979, saw Bromberg’s playing. Johnson suggested Bromberg to Stan Getz, a saxophonist in search for a new bass player. Bromberg was offered to Stan Getz, who took it seriously and soon auditioned him. After only six years of picking up the bass, Bromberg was touring the world with Stan Getz in the age of 19. The thrill of playing with a world-class tenor-saxophonist was not the only reason Bromberg picked up the bass. He would also find more opportunities to tour internationally with Stan Getz at the age of 19. The name “Bromberg”, which was the name that Bydgoszcz, a Polish city, had when it fell under the German and Prussian suzerainties. from

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