Brian Burman

Brian Burman was born in California pre-Schwarzenegger and grew up near Silicon Valley in Los Gatos. This is where “Pet Rocks”, a shopper’s paradise, was invented. Although he loved drawing cartoons since childhood, his dream was becoming a great ventriloquist following the footsteps of Danny O’Day and Charlie McCarthy. He struggled to communicate his thoughts and lips during his first years of intensive studies. He continued to practice despite his handicap. His situation was made worse by Reagan and Bill Bennett’s 1981 reduction of student aid. Then he enrolled at Humboldt State University to study painting, sculpture philosophy, and psychology. He also played the piano in school’s jazz ensembles and was a copyist in the music department (before computers when everything had to be written by hand). He wrote his first original compositions here. He was forced to listen to Beach Boys music in class. Having never surfed before, he decided to switch to film as his major. He found his passion for cartoons, which was not appreciated by “serious” artists, and made an animated film with clay puppets, drawings, and music. Six years later, he earned a B.A. San Francisco State University awarded him a diploma in Film Production. After working for a few months in an animation studio Brian decided that this wasn’t the right career and returned to San Francisco State University to complete a Masters degree in Film Production. He now creates experimental films and videos and writes and directs melodramas. He became more involved in the composition of music for students’ films. This led to many years of deciding which art form to pursue. Brian met a Swiss dancer after completing his Masters Diploma. He decided to live in Switzerland. He was able to make music for theatre directors and choreographers. This allowed him more freedom than the conservative film music. He also continued to work in television and film as an assistant director, editor, and director. He’s finally come to love the Beach Boys, especially the “Pet Sounds”, perhaps because he lives so far from California. from

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