Brian Shankar Adler

Brian Shankar Adler, multidisciplinary drummer, percussionist and composer, is also an educator. Adler has a deep understanding of time and a rich sonic palette. He also has a unique ability to master groove. Adler works with producers and artists, exploring new musical genres such as jazz, world music and rock. Jordan Richardson, Canadian Audiophile says that Adler’s music “flows organically to pursue mystery, movingly exist in an ultimate state or fluidity.” He was raised in the mountains of New York in an ashram and started his rhythmic studies at five on a tabla mridang. Rakalam Bob Moses taught him drum set at the New England Conservatory after he was awarded a scholarship. Adler worked with Sunny Kim, a Korean singer, on the chamber/jazz project Prana Trio. They released three albums and toured Europe and the northeast. Adler moved to New York City in 2005. He has since worked extensively with many artists, including Bomba de Tiempo and Bombay Rickey. His most recent album, Fourth Dimension (Chant Records 2019, 2019), was recorded by him. It was also featured on Jazziz Magazine’s “New Sounds” and Jazziz Magazine. He is also mentioned in Jason Bivin’s book, “Spirits Rejoice”, Newsweek, Jazztimes, and Modern Drummer Magazine. Human Time Machine, Helium Music Project, and Four Across are some of his other projects. From

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