Gert Keunen’s musical child, Briskey, is Briskey. With the new album ..before_during_after.. Briskey has headed into a new direction: darker, slower and an even higher soundtrack-factor; but at the same time it sounds stimulating, pulsing and dynamic. Cinematic postjazz. (2006)..Cucumber Lodge..(2003).. Scarlett Road-house.. (2006).. This album showcased the unique synthesis between jazz and electronica, as well as live instrumentation and samples, and received a lot of press attention. Several tracks were licensed to be used on compilations in France, Germany, and France (on the bestseller..Saint Germain Des Pres Cafe ….). The Briskey live band is made up of experienced musicians like Bart Maris (trumpet), Flat Earth Society’s Nicolas Roseeuw, Isolde Laskoen (drums) Daan, Tim Vandenbergh (double basse, Sukilove), Sara Gillis, keys, Motek, Dorona Alberti (vocals), Gare du Nord. The musicians bring life to the music and give it a jazzy feel. The Briskey live band played at a variety of important clubs and festivals in Belgium (Ancienne Belgique. Vooruit. Blue Note Festival), Nederlands (North Sea Jazz), Italy, Arezzo Wave. RomaEuropa Festival), France (Jazz Sous Les Pommiers). A Japanese label, Rambling Records, even decided to release their own briskey compilation in 2007. The music was given the perfect interpretation by the Briskey Big band, which was formed in 2007. Gert Keunen orchestrated old and new briskey tracks for a 15-headed large-band. His dream became a reality. The Briskey Big band (see..Live at The Ancienne Belgique.. 2008) was not a big-band like the older ones. Instead, it became a modern big-band with fire, strong rhythms, and wild horns. The Briskey Big band is not only the best briskey experience, but it’s also an independent project that will be heard in the future. The big band allows the regular briskey to try new things. ..Before_during_after.. showcases a different sonic palette: more atmospheric and instrumental, filmic and especially: less ambiguous. ..before_during_after.. sounds like a soundtrack to a film that has yet to be released. It is easy to imagine the dark alleyways, abandoned cities, and crumbling factories. The music conveys melancholy, hope, and even moments of triumph. ..Before_during_after.. is the album briskey had meant to make all along: uncompromising, suggestive and (hopefully) especially seductive… from

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