Bruce Arnold

Bruce Arnold, an American jazz guitarist, composer and educator, was born July 31, 1955 in Sioux Falls (South Dakota), USA. He currently resides in New York City. His research into the application of 20th-century classical theory to contemporary forms like jazz and rock has resulted in a unique compositional, improvisational sound. Arnold has been a guest artist in Australia, Canada and the Caribbean. He also has experience touring the United States, Japan, Mexico Mexico, Russia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, Mexico and Russia. He has recorded and performed with many different styles. He has performed with many musicians, including Joe Pass, Joe Lovano and Joe Erskine. Bruce Arnold has recorded over 25 CDs and DVDs on Muse-eek Records and MelBay Recordings. Muse Eek Publishing, MelBay Productions publish his compositions. His theoretical works explore the use of Pitch Class Set Theory in an improvisational context. Arnold has also written over 60 music instruction books, including Guitar Pedagogy and Ear Training. He is also the director of Guitar Studies at Princeton University and New York University. He has been a teacher at the New England Conservatory and Dartmouth College, Berklee College of Music (New School University), City College of New York, Berklee College of Music, Berklee College of Music, New School University and Berklee College of Music. from

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