Bruce Eskovitz

Jazz Composer/Saxophonist, Dr. Bruce Eskovitz was eleven years old when he fell in love with the sound of the tenor saxophone, and by the age of thirteen had begun his professional playing career. Bruce spent his teenage years listening to rock n’ roll on the radio in Southern California, while other teenagers listened. He stayed with John Coltrane and Stan Getz until he was able to play their music. Bruce began writing music for the “The Merv Griffin Show” at twenty-one. He recalled handing Ray Brown and Plas Johnson his tunes, and was encouraged by their positive reactions. Today, Dr. Bruce lives in Culver city, CA. He has been busy in 2008 marketing his fifth jazz album, Invitation, Pacific Coast Jazz. The Bruce Eskovitz Jazz Orchestra, (BEJO), a nine-piece ensemble that features some of the most talented jazz musicians in Los Angeles, performed the song. The Bruce Eskovitz Jazz Orchestra performed Regions again, as did Bruce Eskovitz/Bill Mays. Conversations (Azica), One for Newk, KOCH Jazz, a tribute to Sonny Rollins received a 5-star rating. Newk (KOCH Jazz), a tribute to Sonny Rollins, received a 5-star rating in The All Music Guide to Jazz. Received a 5-star rating. He is currently promoting Album #6 (Pacific Coast Jazz), an updated version of 1995’s album. One for Newk (original and second) features some of the best jazz musicians today: Bill Mays on piano and Ray Drummond on bass; Larance Marable and Charlie Shoemake on vibes; and Ernie Watts on the jazz classic “Tenor Madness”. Dr. Bruce Eskovitz is a highly sought-after jazz artist in L.A., where he regularly appears at Catalina Bar and Grill and Steamers.

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