Bruce Torff

Bruce Torff is Professor at Hofstra University’s Department of Teaching, Literacy and Leadership. He is also the director and founder of Hofstra University’s Doctoral Program for Learning and Teaching. He has published over 75 articles and books on various topics in educational psychology, cognitive-developmental psychology, and teacher education. His research interests include educator’s beliefs about learning and teaching, critical think skills, professional development for teachers, and educators’ professional development. Torff received a doctorate from Harvard University and two masters degrees from Yale University. He also held a postdoctoral position at Yale University with Robert J. Sternberg. Torff was honored as Hofstra’s Teacher-of-the Year in 2009. Torff is active as a leader of professional-development workshops for educators, consultant in research methods and statistics, and program evaluator. He is also a jazz pianist, and songwriter. He lives on Long Island with his wife, a teacher and their two children. from

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