Brunies Brothers

Brunies, a large family from New Orleans, could have populated the “Irish Channel”, New Orleans neighborhood with jazz musicians. There were about half a dozen siblings who played various instruments, as well as a musical father, mother, and cousin. Many other musicians of German, French and Irish descent lived in this neighborhood, as did the entire Original Dixieland Jazz Band. Nobody seemed to mind when the entire Brunies family would set up their instruments and blast away on the front porch. Albert Brunies, also known as Abbie Brunies was an important cornet player. He also led Abbie Brunies’ Halfway House Orchestra which, despite its name, did not include recovering alcoholics or felons in parole. This group existed for eight years, starting in 1919. Abbie Brunies was a regular gigger in New Orleans until the mid-’40s when he moved around Biloxi, MS. The Brunies Brothers Dixieland Jazz Band was his group. Read more:

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