Bryan Corbett

Brian was born in Bromyard near Hereford in 1974. His father, musician Stuart Corbett bought his son a trumpet at the age of six. Bryan attended Hereford’s Sixth Form College and then went to Liverpool’s L.I.H.E. (Hope University), but spent some time at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester. Bryan received a general music education and was part of various youth orchestras. He also played principal trumpet in the National Children Wind Orchestra. Bryan wanted to be an athlete as a teenager. He shared this with Kenny Matheson, Jazzwise’s editor: “All through my teens, I wanted to become a professional sportman. My eyes were fixed on football and cricket. After university, the reality of finding a job was a major concern. I found music instead. Although I had completed all my diplomas and grades, there was still a little bit of jazz from my dad. That was the most enjoyable part of music for me. His ‘bit of Jazz’ consisted of playing in the college and university bands, and gigging with his dad, who plays clarinet, piano, and saxes. He is now more involved with education, writing jazz syllabus, and working at London College of Music. Bryan left university to move to Birmingham, where he was Head of Brass at Musical Instrument Sales and Repairs, a shop that specializes in the repair and reconditioning of brass instruments and woodwind instruments. He was fortunate to have the opportunity to try all kinds of horns and make key contacts that would be beneficial in his future career. from

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