BRZZVLL, pronounced Brazzaville, is a seven-piece fusion band hailing from Antwerp in Belgium. They are a fusion of psychedelic jazz, funk and modern funk. Belgium is a country that has a long tradition of jazz and funk-infused leftfield grooves. Belgium is a great place to dig deeper. From Marc Moulin’s genius Placebo to library-funksters Les Chakakas/El Chicles to the well-received JJ Band (ask Lord Finesse, Marley Marl), Belgium has been an excellent place to diggin’ deeper. Our friend Lefto, Belgium’s premier beat ambassador and Brownswood fellow, told us about the great Antwerp band. We couldn’t resist offering Vincent Brijs, BRZZVLL’s leader, a deal. He had already played us demos of the album HAPPY LIFESTYLE CREATOR. Recorded in Antwerp, and mixed in part by Ben Ladmin (aka Nostalgia77) in Brighton. HAPPY LIFECREATOR doesn’t have much in common with the retro sound mastered by Truth or Daptone.

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