Buddy Greco

Buddy Greco is a “singer-songwriter” and “musician-singer”. He has sold over one million records. He is known for his ability to release songs in every genre of music, from country to jazz to pop. He has performed on TV, film, and stage. Buddy Greco was born Armando Greco, Philadelphia. He began playing the piano and singing at age four. His talents were used on the radio. Buddy Greco was 16 years old and already had over a decade’s worth of musical experience. Benny Goodman spotted him while he was performing in Philadelphia’s Club 13. Buddy Greco was admired by Benny Goodman, the bandleader. He hired him to be a pianist and singer as well as an arranger. Buddy Greco, 16 years old, was touring the globe with the Benny Goodman Band, one of the most prominent big bands of the 1930s. For four years, he remained with the band. Buddy Greco, at the age of 20, decided to start his own professional music career. He started singing in nightclubs and performed at concerts. His hits include “Oh Look At Her, Ain’t She Pretty”, “The Lady Is A Tramp” as well as “Around the World”. He has recorded more than 65 albums during his musical career, including one album with the London Symphony Orchestra in which he played and conducted. Buddy Greco’s music career was very successful in the 1960s. In a performance for Queen Elizabeth II, he was accompanied by the Beatles from the 1960s. Buddy Greco also began his career in television and film in the 1960s. He was a regular performer in 1967 on the TV series Away We Go. Buddy Greco was a well-known singer and pianist thanks to this national television series. This series was followed by a role in 1969’s film, The Girl who Knew Too Much. He has more than 100 hits singles to his credit. Buddy Greco was a performer and record producer in the 1970s and 1980s. His hits include pop, country and jazz music. The many styles Buddy Greco can sing amazes the audience. Buddy Greco is still one of the most well-known singers in his generation, even after over four decades of performance. He toured in the early 1990s with “The Salute to Benny Goodman Band”. Each show received a standing ovation. The ensemble performed 72 shows. He was a performer at The Desert Inn Hotel, Las Vegas for two years and at Cafe Royale in London for two more. Buddy Greco, with all of his musical credits is inductee of The Philadelphia Music Alliance’s Walk of Fame and has entries both in the Encyclopedia of Great Musicians and in the Encyclopedia of Great Jazz Singers and Musicians. Buddy Greco’s musical talents are still evident in more than 60 albums and over 100 hit singles. He composes and records music for television and film. Allmusic

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