Burkhard Stangl

Burkhard Stangl is a guitarist and composer who works in electronica, improvisation and contemporary classical. He has collaborated with many musicians / groups / composers / artists like Anestis Logothetis and Franz Koglmann. Recent CD releases: Angelica Castello-Billy Roisz-Burkhard Stangl-dieb13: SCUBA. John Butcher-Tony Buck–Magda Mayas–Burkhard Stangl-PLUME. Burkhard Stangl. HOMMAGE a MOI (3 CD-boxes, compilations of compositions); Burkhard Stangl. For William Turner, painter (Solo); Steve Bates/Burkhard Stangl: Hopefullessness; SQID with Angelica Castello, Atilla Faravelli, Mario de Vega featuring Gudinni Cortina. He teaches music at Aspern’s high school Heustadelgasse. He is also a lector at Vienna’s University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, where he teaches improvisation and creates new music streams. Vienna. from https://stangl.klingt.org

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