Cæcilie Norby

She is able to do all three: jazz, rock and fusion. She is 32 years old and already has an impressive career. Her contributions to breaking down the traditional division of genres has been significant. In addition, she has attracted attention by promoting jazz among a young audience that is traditionally more rock-oriented. Caecilie Norby was conceived in Fredriksberg (Denmark) on September 9, 1964. Her father Erik Norby is a well-known score composer and her mother Solveig Lumholt is an opera singer. It was the family’s only rhythmic music record, which together with the Beatles tapes became well-worn. After attending Sankt Annae Gymnasium’s singing school, she spent a year at a folk highschool where theatre was her main subject. She was a founding member of Street Beat in 1982. This group was formed when she attended a Brandbjerg jazz festival. For the next 18 months, she was also the vocalist. She was part of the jazz/funk band Frontline from 1983 to 1985. In the same year, she recorded the album Frontline. A poll was conducted in the Danish music magazine MM. Prizes were given to the orchestra for “Jazz Act of the year”, “Live Act of the year”, “Most Promising Act”, and “Album of the year”. Caecilie was also elected “Soloist of the YEAR”. She has toured extensively with different groups, and performed with the Danish Radio Big Band several times. She began a long-term collaboration with Nina Forsberg, the singer of One-Two. They recorded three albums and existed up until 1993. 1986 saw Caecilie represent Denmark in an international jazz orchestra at Knokke Festival, Belgium. Caecilie Norby was also a vocal soloist with many Danish jazz musicians and orchestras, including pianist Jorgen Emborg and Kluvers Big Band, drummer Niels Radzer, pianist Thomas Clausen, and many others. Caecilie Norby’s father wrote “Concerto for Two Sopranos” for the Zealand Symphonic Orchestra in 1990. Caecilie and her mother were the two sopranos. The work includes both rhythmic, classical and improvising elements. Caecilie performed together with Thomas Clausen and her mother with a mix of musical, jazz, and opera titled “Ballads, Blues.”

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