Caesar Frazier (ceasar Frazier)

A performer who is so distinctive that one genre of music does not accurately describe his talents, Caesar Frazier is an entertainer unlike any other. Caesar Frazier was born in New York City and raised in the South, Midwest and West Coast. He has been performing since the age 15 and has performed in various bands, orchestras and solo shows. Caesar Frazier was a recording artist and recorded many albums as a vocalist and instrumentalist. He has also been a studio musician and accompanied other artists over the years. His musical career was capped off by his time as Marvin Gaye’s keyboard accompanist. The lessons he learned while working with Marvin, and in personal conversations about musical concepts, shaped his understanding of how to perform effectively. Caesar grew up listening to and being influenced by the greatest artists in America that covered all music genres. “I heard the greatest country artists, blues artists, rock and roll artists, rhythm and blues artists. I loved it all. One of the highlights in his musical career was having many popular artists use songs he wrote to get hit records. Caesar Frazier has helped many artists to reach the top, including Kanye West, actor and rapper “Common”, and Gangstarr, a hip-hop group. To expand his knowledge of music.

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