Camille Bertault

The internet can give but it often takes away our most precious resource, time. The news should make us suspicious of a singer who becomes a viral sensation. If we have learned anything from following clicks and following followers, it is that talent is not necessary to be a star. It is amazing to discover that Camille Bertault (29-year-old French jazz singer) can sing in real life and is capable of doing more than just making viral videos. When she performed at the Jazz Standard, along with Dan Tepfer (a New York-based French pianist), the weight of her Internet fame was evident. It’s understandable. However, if you are familiar with the history of her claim to fame, it is perversely delightful to see that she sings for a sort of gentle revenge. She had just failed her Conservatoire de Paris’ final exam in 2015. Her final project was rejected because it was too theatrical. She decided to transcribe John Coltrane‚Äôs epic solo. It’s not a big deal for serious jazz musicians, but it is rare for singers to attempt it. You must be able to navigate rapid changes in the midst of augmented triads. This can be dangerous territory for soloists. She then wrote the lyrics and recorded Coltrane singing in the background. She had 700,000.00 views in seven days. Bertault said to a French journalist, “C’etait impermissible.” “Seuls le chats arrivent-a faire de tels scores pas le jazz!” This roughly translated to: “This is nuts, cats should get views like these, not jazz!” She continued with scat singing renditions of everything, from Brad Mehldau and Snarky Puppy. However, she initially seemed to have no idea what was going on. “I’m not very. . . Simon Retner was the computer girl when she spoke to Simon Retner on WBGO, a Newark, New Jersey jazz station. She was still new to uploading. “I had no idea what views, plays and sharing were. But, suddenly, when I put it together, it transformed my life. She traveled all over the globe and was awarded a contract by Sony to produce her second album. She is currently finishing it. Her first CD En vie is stunning. The standout track “Course” is bass, drums and piano. Her smart and delicate harmonies take her to places where she proves her professors wrong. Then again, college is for you these days. It pushes forward more of what we know everyone likes. From

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