Carl Burnett (guitar)

Carl Burnett is an example of a great guitarist who thrives without the fuel of ego. Carl is able to appear on every A-list without having the negative attitude that often comes with that position. He is a guitarist with a long list of credits. He has recorded and played with many artists, including David Sanborn and Branford Marsalis. Carl’s resume is a “Who’s Who”, but you won’t find him boasting about it. Carl Burnett is one of the few guitarists who can be described as both “Zen-like”, and “Hendrixian” all in the same sentence. But that’s precisely the complexity that makes him unique. Burnett transcends the instrument and into a realm where pure worship is what defines the moment. Burnett is a musician who can jump from a fiery jazz/rock solo to a unfettered rhythm groove in funk; he’s able to play leapfrog musical styles. Burnett’s greatest advantage is his ability to listen. Because he is able to listen and know when to speak, the silences are tangible. This is a rare example of musicianship. One guitarist said admiringly about Burnett’s music, “Carl’s play is like a Japanese haiku. It can paint a beautiful picture with just a few notes.” Burnett not only respects the instrument that he depends on, but thrives in those moments that are free from limitations. His musical career reached its peak when he was a member of Buckshot LeFonque, a band that featured Bradford Marsalis. “Because there were no musical borders,” he said. It would seem that this would be easy. But, you need to really know yourself and your instrument. His quest to learn his instrument has led him to share the stage with many different musicians around the globe. Carl continues to build on the songwriting and production credits he has hosted by award-winning artists like Boney James and Larry Carlton. His music can be heard on “Extra” as well as “Celebrity Justice”. This musician will help him continue his quest to learn from his instrument and those around him. He will continue to be guided by the divining rod of his guitar towards his core drive to add “sensibility” and “groove”. Carl is in the house, that means the groove is just beginning. Text contributed by users is available under Creative Commons By–SA License. It may also be available under GNU FDL.

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