Carlo Actis Dato

He was born in Turin, 21 March 1952. Since childhood, he lives in the South of Italy. His grandfather was a trumpet player in the Piedmont folkloristic band, North Italy. He began to play clarinet and then moved on to playing sax in various bands of rhythm ‘n blues, swing, and dancing music. He has been a concertist and discographer since the 1970s. He appeared on more than 85 international records in Italy, Japan, Germany, Japan, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Half of these records were his own. American Magazine “Down Beat”, a poll of “critics”, ranked him among the top baritone-sax players in the world (first nomination for an italian jazz musician). Numerous magazines have published articles or interviews about Actis Dato, including Coda (Canada), Jazzmann (Germany), Jazz Podium, Germany), Jazz in Time (Belgium), Margen (Spain), Jazzology (Spain), Jazz

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