Carlos Niño & Friends

Carlos Nino began to collaborate with Build an Ark members and other ensembles (including TLFT) on new tracks in 2006. He kept a collection over the years of these pieces because he knew they represented a whole idea that was important to him. HWALHF’s main feature is samples taken from various studio and live recordings. He found it very fascinating that many of these works were derived from moments captured during sessions for other projects. He is well-known for his work as a producer for artists and bands like Dwight Trible and Gaby Hernandez. HWALHF shows how he combines his many talents as an organizer and producer, musician, arranger, composer and musician into one delicious stew. Nino has created a unique blend of African rhythms, ambient, experimental, and funk-based electronic sounds, string arrangement, freak flag flying folk flavors and improvisational soul jazz. This is where Nino’s very active mind comes together as a record. It is a wonderful thing. From

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