Carol Saboya

Carol Saboya, born March 10, 1975 in Brazil, is a Brazilian jazz singer. She is the daughter Antonio Adolfo. At eight years old, Saboya was the first to participate in the compact cassette A menina e a TV from Miele. Weitere appearances were made on albums by Angela Ro Ro and Erasmo Carlo. She also participated in Verde que te quero ver. She studied singing in America and was credited with Sergio Mendes’ Brasileiro around the same time. She recorded the song “Carta de pedra a Caneca” with Joyce Collin and Aldir blanc back in Brazil. In 1998, Saboya’s debut album Danca da voz was released. Almir Chediak produced the album, which won her the Sharp Award for Best Brazilian Female Vocalist. Nelson Faria, Nelson’s guitarist, backed Tom Jobim in 1999 on his Janelas abertas. Saboya was the first to perform at the Brazilian Music Festival after recording her second album, Sessao Passatempo. Presente (2003) was her next album, followed by Antonio Adolfo e Carol Saboya ao vivo/live (2007). The latter was recorded at Festival Miami. She covered Mario Seve’s 2008 album Chao aberto, and she collaborated with Adolfo to create La e Ca. This blends Brazilian and American standards by Jobim and Cole Porter, among other artists. Her Belezas – The Music of Ivan Lins, Milton Nascimento album was released in the US for the first-time in 2012. Adolfo produced the album and orchestrated it. The bilingual recording was sung both in Portuguese and English. Belezas includes songs by Ivan Lins, Milton Nascimento, and Claudio Spiewak, an acoustic guitarist and electric guitarist. It also features Rafael Barata, a drummer and percussionist, Jorge Helder, Claudio Spiewak and Hendrik Meurkens, soprano and Tenor Saxophonist Dave Liebman. Wikipedia

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