Carsten Dahl

Carsten Dahl, October 3, 1967 is a Danish Jazz pianist. Chris Mosey stated that Dahl is a “truly great pianist”, in his All About Jazz review Dahl’s 2009 CD In Our Own Sweet Way, which was released with Alex Riel u0026 Mads Vinding. Dahl started playing drums when he was nine years old. After two years of studying at the Copenhagen Jazz Conservatory, Dahl decided to take up piano lessons. He had never received any prior training. He wanted to become a Jazz musician that could play Bebop. He was influenced by Classical music and had two role models at the time: Wynton Kelly and Bud Powell. Dahl said, “For me it is only the music which is interesting.” Bach’s music is a perfect example of this. This fascinates and amazes me. It doesn’t hurt to play his music. However, you will become a better pianist. He was a leader and played and recorded with his Carsten Dahl trio, and the Carsten Dahl Experience. As a sideman, he is one of the most highly sought-after Jazz pianists. He recorded/worked with Ed Thigpen and Lars Danielsson as well as Bob Rockwell, Hugo Rasmussen, Arild Andersen and Ulf Wakenius. Dahl won Ben Webster Prize in 1997. The Ben Webster Prize, an annual Jazz Award established by the Ben Webster Foundation, is given to honor jazz musicians from Denmark and America. In 2008, Dahl signed up for Edition Wilhelm Hansen music publishing house.

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