Catina Deluna

Catina deLuna, a Brazilian singer, composer, and voice actress, has had a varied and successful musical career since she was a child and began to play the piano. After earning a B.A. After completing a B.A. in Brazilian Popular Music at UNICAMP University, Sao Paulo, she created two award-winning groups, the Arire vocal group, where she was responsible for arranging and playing the piano. The Serenata Brasileira group plays classic Brazilian songs from the 1920s and 30s in authentic costume and fashion. Catina has two CDs, Na Era de Ouro from Serenata Brasileira and Brazilian Accent. She has also recorded many voice-overs and commercial jingles for Brazilian radio and television. Catina was a visiting scholar at Uof I Urbana-Champaign from which she received her M.M.A. She was a visiting scholar at Northern Illinois University, where she was awarded a grant by the Center for Latino and Latin American Studies for research on maracatu in Brazil. She now lives in Los Angeles and teaches music in her Santa Clarita studio. Catina, who has a unique repertoire that is influenced by Brazilian music, performs in some of the most prestigious jazz venues in Southern California. She also co-leads the group “Lado B.” Catina DeLuna, pianist, arranger, and producer OtmaroRuiz joined forces in 2015 to create the highly-acclaimed album “Catina DeLuna”.

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