Chad Taylor

Chad Taylor (b. Chad Taylor (b. 1973) is an educator, composer, percussionist, scholar, and co-founder of Chicago Underground ensembles. Chad is originally from Tempe, Arizona. He was born in Chicago and began performing professionally when he was 16. Chad has performed with Fred Anderson and Derek Bailey, Cooper-Moore as well as Pharoah Bernie, Marc Ribot, Peter Brotzmann and Malachi Favors. Chad is the leader of his own band, Circle Down. All music gave it a 5-star review. “What’s remarkable is that there isn’t wasted motion, no histrionics, or grandstanding. Pure emotion is transformed into superlative music making this highly recommended record, one for all ages.” Chad holds a BFA in Jazz Performance from the New School and a MFA Jazz Research and History at Rutgers University. from

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