Chamber 3

Chamber 3 is built on musical sketches, conversations and spontaneous improvisation. Chamber 3 is all about taking risks and exploring all of the music we’ve been influenced. Chamber 3 began in New York City in the early 1990s. Christian Eckert and Matt Jorgensen first met at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. They struck up a musical friendship within the first week. They were soon supporting Ray Bryant, the legendary pianist, for a week-long stint at a school-sponsored West Village club. Years later, they would reunite for an organ trio CD entitled “NY3” on OA2 Records and tours in Europe and the United States. Eckert and Steffen Weber, a saxophonist, have collaborated on numerous projects and developed a common sound. Weber is a member both of the SWR Big Bands as well as the HR Big Bands. He has also released several CDs under his own label. Chamber 3 will take their “acou-lectric trio” to Germany and the United States in 2012.

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