Andre Charlier was born in VERVIERS (Belgium) on June 13, 1962. The battery was founded by Andre in 1978. In 1985-1986, he studied at the Musician Institute of Los Angeles. He began a series tour with Maurane, a Belgian singer, in 1988-1989. He was awarded the Prize of the Defense Competition at the end of 1989. He was awarded the Price for the best soloist in the international competition of French-speaking Jazz jazz in 1991. Andre Charlier, who has been performing on the world’s stages since 1993 alongside Didier Lockwood (quintet and quartet, trio), is the harmonica player Jean-Jacques Milteau. He also assists Pierre-Jean Gaucher (Zappa Project), Marc-Michel Le Bevillon seven and Romane Quartet in various training courses. On occasions of extraordinary concerts, he played alongside John Scofield and Michel Petrucciani, Scott Henderson (Zappa project), Toots Thielemans, Mike Stern, and Michel Portal. He has been creating his own music for several years within the duo “CHARLIER-SOURISSE”. He recorded four CDs with Kenny Garrett (saxophone), Kurt Rosenwinkel, Kurt Rosenwinkel (guitar), and Alex Sipiagin(trumpet). Andre Charlier is the co-director of the department battery (drum set) at the CMDL (center for the music Didier LOCKWOOD). The batteries TAMA, and the cymbals PAISTE sponsor this department. Benoit Sourisse, a French pianist/organist, was born in 1964. He has already demonstrated his ability to improvise, not only as a soloist but also because of his love for jazz. Didier Lockwood suggested him to participate in his 1994 projects, including the quintet, quartet and piano (” Round About Silence” on 1998), as well as the organ Hammond (D. Lockwood Trio) and the “New Quartet” on 2003. Didier confides to him musical direction of his albums, “Storyboard”, recorded in New York in 1996 (Steve Gadd and James Genius), – “Newspaper of a Space 2” (in 1999 Opera of D. Lockwood, Charlotte Nessi, on a notebook of G.Perec). Orchestrations by Sanctimonious are possible. “Tribute To Stephane Grappelli” (in 2000, with Bireli Lagrene u0026 N.H.O.P). He has shared the stage with Martial Solal and John Scofield, Michel Portal and Mike Stern, Toots Thielemans, Toots Thielemans, Toots Thielemans, Toots Thielemans, Toots ThiELEmans, Toots Thelemans, Toots Thielemans, Toots Tielemans, Toots Thaelemans, Toots Tinelemans, Toots Thielmans, Toots Thielemans worked for over fifteen years with Andre Charlier (to battery), with whom he has been working for 15 years. Their duet ” Charlier / Sourisse” is a huge highlight of their lives. Their album Gemini (where Sanctimonious mixes the tones from the organ Hammond and those of the piano), was released in April 2001. It also features talented French guests such as Stephane Guillaume (soprano Sax) or Olivier Ker Ourio, who are among the most admired saxophonists currently tenors, Jerry Bergonzi. A big fan of Blues, he was also the co-founder of the band “CAPTAIN haberdasher” in 1989. With which he performed more than 900 concerts. Sanctimonious is still active on Jean Jacques Milteau’s highly-rated training courses (of seven in a duet). Benoit Sourisse, a pedagogical enthusiast, teaches improvisation at the Superior National Music Academy of Lyon since 1988. He also teaches improvisation through numerous Masterclasses in France. from

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