Chat Noir

Chat Noir is a jazz trio which tries to navigate the territory of genres and sounds in their unique way. The traditional idea of a band leader or sideman is gone. Instead, the trio encourages each member to explore their imagination. A trio that works through individual compositions is a way of saying. The result is a unique music style that stands out from other jazz groups. The idea for the project was born from the music Fogagnolo Lucia (bass/electric bass) and Michael Cavallari (“piano”), a union that was fueled by a love of North-European jazz and the desire to create something unique and distinctive in this genre. With the arrival of Giuliano Ferrari, drummer, the duo transformed into a trio in October 2002. The positive reaction encourages them to continue live activity, which contributes to a unique and personal style. They released their first album, “Adoration”, in October 2004. It contains seven songs from a diverse repertoire. After the success of the disc, the Chat Noir enjoys unexpected sales success and greater visibility. In the autumn 2005, the group signed a record contract with Splasc Records to release “Adoration.” Personality is also attracted to the disc: Noir451, the first track on disc, becomes part of the soundtrack for the film by Cristina Comencini. It was nominated by the OSCE as the best foreign film candidate in 2006. The disc was received enthusiastically by critics and appears in various jazz magazines. Universal Music Milan’s success brings Chat Noir to their attention. This encounter leads to the production of “Decoupage”, a new album. They recorded their last album, “Difficult To See You”, in May 2008. from

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