Chet Doxas

Chet Doxas quickly rose to be one of the most respected and sought-after saxophonists, and composers of his generation. His unique ability to bring his voice to many musical styles and settings is what makes him stand out. His father was a professional musician, teacher, record engineer, producer and producer. He is his older brother and drummer with whom he performs regularly. Rich in Symbols is Chet’s musical ensemble whose repertoire is influenced by his love for the visual arts. Chet composes the music for this band while he visits museums and stands before his favorite works of art with blank manuscript paper. Later, live musicians perform the music and project the work simultaneously in concert. The group includes Rob Ritchie and Matthew Stevens on guitars, Zack Lober and Eric Doob playing bass and turntables, and Eric Doob as drummers. He has been co-leading Riverside since 2014 with Dave Douglas, the trumpeter. The band’s first album features original music by Doxas, Douglas and Jimmy Giuffre. This was their inspiration for creating this quartet. Also, the band features Steve Swallow, Chet’s brother Jim Doxas, on bass, and Chet on drums. Their second album, which was released in spring 2017, includes original compositions by its members and Carla Bley. Chet is also part the Brooklyn-based group Yes Men No with pianist Jacob Sacks and Zack Lober, as well as drummer Vinnie Sperrazza. The band performs regularly in New York City’s most prestigious listening venues. Chet Doxas has been nominated for Juno and appears on more than 100 recordings. As a leader or co-leader, he has released eight albums. He has collaborated with many artists, including Maria Schneider, Rufus Wainwright and Carla Bley. Chet completed his formal musical education at McGill University, where he received both an undergraduate and a graduate degree in music. He can often be found at his Brooklyn recording studio, producing and working on new projects, or touring with other artists. From

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