Chicago Reed Quartet

This quartet brings together four generations of Chicago saxophonists, each with a difference in age of almost exactly ten. When Vandermark and Rempis first came up with the idea for the group, it wasn’t an easy decision. The musical compatibility of the members was the only reason the lineup was formed. (Interestingly, Williams and Mazzarella had been discussing the possibility of forming a quartet of saxophones at the time. The complex web of musical collaborations that these four musicians have had over the past twenty-five-years, along with their different perspectives on composition,improvisation and the instruments, create a unique cross-sectional view on Chicago’s improvised music scene. This accidental result, although it was an unintended consequence to the lineup that Vandermark and Rempis created, may prove to be one of the most fascinating perspectives for looking at the quartet’s music. from

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