Chico Pinheiro

One of the leading figures in modern Brazilian music, guitarist/composer/arranger Chico Pinheiro, 35, was born in Sao Paulo. Pinheiro was self-taught and began playing the piano and guitar at the age of seven years. He began performing professionally at the age of 15 and stayed in Boston to complete his musical education. There, he studied with legendary teachers Mick Goodrick (Summa Cum Laude) and won several academic/musical prizes. Chico Pinheiro is an extraordinary guitarist, with a great sound and fluidity. He is also a unique composer, full of originality, maturity, and a distinctive sound that stands out on his solo albums. His first album, Meia Noite Meio Dia (Sony Music/2003), was received with high praises by all major newspapers and music magazines in Brazil. It was also included in the “Top 10 Brazilian Albums of the Year” list in three Brazilian newspapers: ‘O Estado de Sao Paulo”, ‘A Folha de Sao Paulo, and ‘O Globo”. The album received a lot of praise and featured performances by special guests vocalists Luciana Allves, Lenine Motta (Ed Motta), Chico Cesar, Maria Rita, and Chico Cesar. His second album, “Chico Pinheiro” (Biscoito fino/ 2005), received great critical and public acclaim. It was included once again in the Top 10 Brazilian Albums of the Year’ list by newspapers O Estado,?O Globo and ’Folha de Sao Paulo’. The American guitarist and composer Anthony Wilson collaborated on NOVA, his third album. The album received both critical and public acclaim. Chico, a guitar player, composer, and arranger, is a prominent presence within and outside of Brazil’s music scene. He has recorded and performed with some of Brazil’s most renowned artists, including Chico Cesar and Rosa Passos, Joao Donato and Johnny Alf, Joao Dorado, Joao Caymmi and Joao Caymmi, Joao and Danilo Caymmi as well as with Chico Cesar and Joao Caymmi. Chico Pinheiro’s latest album, There’s A Storm Inside, is hard to resist because of his charms as a guitarist and composer, as well as his vocal abilities. Imagine a young Chet Baker paired with Marcos Valle’s melodic sense and Luiz Bonfa’s guitar chops. You get a record that will make you say “Yes, yes, please!” Jazz Times Magazine from

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