Chieli Minucci

Chieli Minucci was raised in NYC. Chieli Minucci is the son of Catherine and Ulpio Minucci, a concert pianist/composer who also wrote the hits of 50s, Domani (Julius LaRosa), A Thousand Thoughts of You and Felicia (both Nat King Cole). Chieli was born in Queens, NY and he still lives there today. Chieli began his musical journey at the tender age of five, learning classical piano at the age of 5. He then switched to guitar at eight. Through his father’s piano playing and his father’s composing, he was constantly surrounded by music. This was to be a crucial part of his musical future as an author.
He formed the band Taurus with his neighborhood friends at age 13. They stayed together for three years. Chieli performed a lot with this band and traveled extensively. He was a regular performer on the Italian Line Cruise ships during Christmas holidays and Easter school holidays. Chieli’s teenage years were when he discovered his passion for music, performing, writing, singing and traveling.

Ithaca College, upstate NY was where he studied music and later switched to English. He continued to study music theory, history and composition. He also joined various local bands: Amethyst (a folk/pop band); The New Band (his first foray into jazz/rock fusion); Fast Food (a new wave vocal/rock group); Colombo (a Brazilian trio); and, finally, Gumbo (an original instrumental/fusion rock quartet). Chieli was able to participate in many musical situations which helped him become a better composer/guitarist.

After graduating from college, he went back to NYC to study composition with Nicolas Flagello. Between the ages of 23 and 25, Minucci performed with many bands, including The Commotion, Fran Eckhart and China Davis Band. He also continued to write his own music. He was part of various bands, including two years with Eartha Kitt and then The B.B. & Q. Band (Capital), and a brief run in the Lou Reed Band. This featured the rhythm section of Fernando Saunders, J.T., and J.T. Lewis plays the drums. (soon becoming the first Special EFX rhythm section lineup). Lou Reed also performed with Chieli at the Farm Aid concert. It was during this period that he met Hungarian drummer/percussionist, George Jinda.

George and Special Delivery were formed soon after their meeting. In 1982, Special Delivery was signed with Keytone Records in Holland. GRP Records (Larry Rosen/Dave Grusin), in NYC, eventually acquired their first album, entitled Special EFX, for distribution in the USA. Special EFX, a new name, had its first US-released LP in stores by 1984. The band then began their current adventures in touring and performing. Special EFX have recorded 17 albums, while Chieli has released 6 solo CDs. ‘Chieli Minucci and Special EFX’ still tours regularly.

Chieli has been involved in many musical projects. These include performing and recording with Celine Dion and Lionel Richie as well as other top pop artists like Jewel, Mark Anthony and Jessica Simpson. is a multimedia website that Chieli has created. It features video, soundclips and individual song downloads.

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