Chivirico Davila

Rafael Chivirico Davila Rosado, was born on August 2, 1924, in San Andres Street, Puerta de Tierra. Eustaquio Davila was a native San Juan, who was a dock dobbing trader, while Juana Rosario, his mother, was a Bayamon native, and dedicated herself to household chores. He was a versatile singer in the Caribbean pentagram. In addition to being a great singer of boleros and a natural sonero, he was also an unrivalled singer of the bomb as well as the full genres of Puerto Rican pop music. This was evident in his many successes and songs from the street that Cortijo, Kako, and others registered for the record label Ansonia. Its history dates back to the fifties, when it was formed with Mambo Perez Prado as a mentor. The atmosphere of the great metropolis allows him to join bands made up of young, virtuous people who would become the leaders of Salsero in the sixties. Where did the Chivirico come? Rafael Quintero gave Rafael Davila an interview and he said that El Chivirico was the son of Orlando Guerra Cascarita, a great singer. The producer asked me “What’s this?” He asked me my name, and I replied, “Well, everybody here is called Rafitas.” Rafita Martinez and Rafita Davila Cascarita recorded Rafitas. I told the Producer that if this one is more famous than a Chivirico from Havana, then put Chivirico. Thus was born the name Chivirico Davila. Chivirico was one the few singers to survive the transition from the eras of mambo and boogaloo to New York salsa. Chivirico was already a singer and composer with the Taboo Quartet of Johnny Goicuria, Richie Ray when he signed as a soloist on Coutique Records. 1969 Joey Pastrana

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