Chris Abrahams

Chris Abrahams is a well-known Australian keyboard player and one of Australia’s most respected musicians. He has performed with the Sparklers and the Benders as well as the Necks and Jackie Orszaczky. Abrahams’ first public appearance was with the Benders, a jazz band that released three albums: E (1983), False laughter (1984), and Distance (1985). In 1985, Piano was released as a solo album. The Sparklers dance-pop group also released three albums: E (1983), False Laughter (1984), and Distance (1985). Abrahams made two singles on “Overworking” (October 1986), and “So Often Dreaming” (January 1987). Phil Grove replaced Abrahams. Abrahams was also a session musician, appearing on albums by the Triffids and Ed Kuepper as well as the Lime Spiders and Stephen Cummings. Two soundtracks featuring Abrahams were released in 1986: Dancing Daze and Illusion. In 1987, Walk was also released by Abrahams. Abrahams and Melanie Oxley, a former Sparklers singer, released Resisting Calm in 1989. They also released two soul-pop albums, Welcome to Violet, and Coal. In 1990, Rolling Stone magazine voted Abrahams the Best Keyboard Player. He was Midnight Oil’s keyboardist for their 1993 Earth, Sun, and Moon tour. Abrahams was also a member of the Necks during the ’90s. They released many jazz albums on different labels, including Sex (1990), Next (91), Aquatic (1994), Silent Night (1997). Allmusic

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