Chris Buck

…. music is, above all things, my most important part of life. It has been an obsession and a serious part of me for many years. Progasaurus was created in 2006 by me when I decided to make a project whose soul was solely musical. Through John Szatai, I was able to meet Allan Holdsworth, a legendary guitarist. I was currently working on “KANINES” at the time. Allans was playing the solo portion of the song. I wrote it with that in mind. After hearing the song, Allans agreed to collaborate with me and create a solo. It’s an amazing solo that opens many doors to creativity and opportunities. Allan Holdsworth, Derek Sherinian and Virgil Donati have all been a huge influence on the music I’ve recorded. I will forever be grateful and humbled by these friends. My musical journey began at age 7. I was a member of a boys choir that toured the country and taught myself sight singing by the age of 10. Edwardo Caso was my choir master and would whip us if we sang an incorrect passage. Although it was a discipline exercise, it was a wonderful experience in music and touring. From age 17 I sang and traveled with the Brault Operetta guild. After that, I was an applied voice major at Arizona University. I was able to record and produce records, travel around Southeast Asia on a voluntary basis, as well as many years of playing small venues, recording, writing, and supplementing my income with pounding nails. It amazes me that someone from another side of the world (or even next door) would make the effort to obtain my music, take it home and listen to it. My life revolves around being able express the thoughts and feelings I have inside and to put them into music. I am a disciplined and dedicated practice animal. To become the player I see, it would take me another lifetime. However, I’m happy to woodshed every day, make whatever progress is allowed, and create new ….music. Chris from

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