Chris Colangelo

CHRIS COLANGELO, bassist, is a true master of his instrument. Chris’s playing is first noticed by his tone. It’s deep and resonant, with incredible articulation throughout the instrument’s sonic range. After you get used to the reverberant force of his playing, you realize that he is a serious musician. He has that hard-to-define, never forgotten lyric quality which distinguishes yeoman timekeepers from bassists who have seductive narrative power. Chris was born in Camden, New Jersey. He attended Rowan University and majored in jazz performance. Chris, a Philadelphia native, was active in the local jazz scene. He did session work throughout the Delaware Valley and even played gigs in Atlantic City. Chris moved to Los Angeles in late 91 and began touring and performing with heavyweights like the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra and Yusef Lateef. Chris’s album 2 trios 1 — “Live” (BluePort Jazz) won plaudits at Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show shortly after it was released in national distribution. Chris recorded this recording “in concert”, with Jane Getz, Dave Hocker, and Chuck Manning as percussionists. John Gilbert, a jazz reviewer, wrote that the session was recorded “live at Monteleone’s in Los Angeles [where] Colangelo assembled a star cast,” and that “… he believes that he will show why Chris is so in demand after seeing him in action. His assertive approach to bass playing and his rapid fire solos elevate it to a new level. Chris is currently working on his 2nd solo album. It will be released soon. These are some of the most important facts about Chris Colangelo. Jazz aficionados who have not yet come across this quiet jazz dynamo should. It is a promise of great musical pleasure to listen to the music Chris creates every night he plays. This is a bassist who can last a long time… he’s a player’s and musician’s bassist, but he’s also a prolific lyric genius. –JIMMEROD

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