Chris Cortez

Chris Cortez is a guitarist, singer, bandleader and promoter of concerts. He also owns a record label. Chris has over 20 albums to his credit as a producer, sideman and leader. His 6th solo album, Aunt Nasty has just been released and is already receiving rave reviews. Blue Bamboo Music Inc is Chris’ label. It supports ten artists and also promotes concerts. A typical show includes a mix of music styles that are equally at home in jazz, blues and rock. It is characterized by high energy and great virtuosity. He is “a consummate musician,” another said he was “a phenomenal guitarist player.” Chris is also a skilled singer. His shows combine vocal and instrumental material, creating a wide appeal. Chris’ latest album, Aunt Nasty features a mix of nine instrumental and three vocal tracks. This is Chris’ masterpiece. Aunt Nasty is dressed in Mark Piszczek’s rich horn arrangements and a stellar band. Glen Ackerman and Guillermo Reza are featured. James Metcalfe is also included. Woody Witt, Andrew Lienhard (Juliet), Joel Fulgham, Carol Morgan. Warren Sneed, Will Cruz. Texas Johnny Boy, Bernard Pierre, Thomas Hulten. This rare CD includes instant jazz classics and crossover hits. Chris’s renditions of “While My Guitar Gently Wiseps”, “Caravan,” and “Invitation” demonstrate a musician who is both rooted in jazz traditions but has a contemporary perspective. The other side of the coin is “Aunt Nasty”, the humorous title track, the philosophical samba “The Man With No Arms,” and Chris’ reggae cover on Jim Hendrix “Fire”, all seem to be predestined to become radio favourites, without sacrificing any artistic integrity. The recording includes brief interludes. Many of the songs are Disney themes that have been re-harmonized and altered to add intrigue and fun. The entire story of “When You Wish Upon A Star”, “Mickey Mouse Club”, and “It’s A Small World After All” has been reimagined. Cortez’s short ballad, “Ask Me No Questions”, is absolutely beautiful. Chris has been producing music for other artists for almost five years, and sometimes appearing on CDs as a player. Chris was featured on three tracks by Woody Witt’s Pots and Kettles, including the Eddie Harris hit “Listen Here,” that dominated college radio last year. Chris was also featured on the Glenious Inner Planet. This is a quirky psychedelic-fusion show from Harvie S. Cocolamus Bridge, Mark Piszczek and Glen Ackerman. Chris was also an engineer and executive producer on many other projects. Carol Morgan’s Opening, Blue Glass Music, Woody Witt’s First Impression, and A Conversation, Mike Wheeler’s Mikey’s Waltz, Joe LoCascio’s Ghosts, Tianna Hall’s Never Let Me go, and Joe LoCascio’s Ghosts were all produced by Chris. Chris finds it a great pleasure to help others create great work. Chris’ work with Blue Bamboo Music allows him to help emerging artists create work that might not otherwise be released or recorded. He mentors and encourages all artists to grow. Chris is often in the studio recording, but he also keeps a regular schedule in Houston and takes part in tours whenever possible. BBM acts are also given concert opportunities by the label, which eventually leads to a repeatable tour schedule for each release. Concert promotions lead to another “awakening”, when Chris was able to meet Pat Martino, the legendary guitarist from Texas. The three-city tour took place in Texas. They became close friends instantly. Chris felt invigorated, inspired and reenergized after that encounter. Chris returned to the studio after that encounter to complete the project, which had been in production for almost five year. Aunt Nasty. As he tried to figure out what the project was all about, he had several incarnations of his band. The project was inconsistent. There were many songs, both instrumental and Latin, that had different lyrics. The right drummer finally showed up, and everything was in place. Perfect synchronicity was Guillermo Reza’s arrival just as the post Martino inspiration was at full bloom. He was the glue that held the entire picture together, and Chris could put all of his strengths to use in one incredible CD project. Eclectic? Yes. You lack continuity? Not at all! The CD arrived in the mail within two months. Many things have been said about interludes. These groundbreaking pieces were created for A Quadrimonial. The play was produced by Actor’s Studio Los Angeles. Chris was asked to record the music. The music was to cover scenes changes and other events so the tracks needed to be short. Chris used re-harmonized Disney songs with dark, tense notes for the dramatic production. Children’s songs are often happy. But, they become moody and filled with suspense. This album is sprinkled all over, as it is, and serves “… as a sorbet, between courses, to cleanse the palate. Bon Apetite!” from

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