Chris Cutler

Chris Cutler was born 4 January 1947. He is an English percussionist. Cutler is best known for his work in English avant-rock band Henry Cow. He was also a member of and drummer in a variety of other bands including Art Bears and News from Babel. Cutler has worked with many musicians, including Fred Frith and Lindsay Cooper, Zeena Parkerins, Peter Blegvad, and The Residents. He has also appeared on more than 100 recordings. Cutler’s three-decade-long career is still active and he continues to perform all over the globe. Cutler is the founder and director of the British independent record label Recommended Records. He also edits the sound-magazine ReR Quarterly. Cutler has presented a variety of music lectures, published many papers and wrote a book about the political theory of contemporary musical music, File Under Popular (1984). Cutler also released The 40th Anniversary Henry Cow Box Set (2009), a collection of more than 10 hours of previously unreleased recordings. Chris Cutler was born January 1947 in Washington, D.C., to an Austrian woman and a British foreign correspondent. Cutler’s family moved to England in 1948. While he didn’t study music, he tried his hand at guitar, banjo, trumpet, and flute at school. He eventually settled on drums because he wanted to be in a group and drummers were rarest. Cutler started his first band in 1963 and played instrumentals from Ventures and Shadows. He then joined several R

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