Chris Kelsey

Derek Taylor, All About Jazz calls Chris Kelsey “a provocateur in a best sense: a player and writer who thrives on pushing buttons” and Gregory Applegate Edwards, Gapplegate Music Review describes Chris Kelsey as “a leading fiery reedist today.” Chris Kelsey’s music embraces individualism, innovation, and creativity that have been the hallmarks of jazz. His music is difficult to describe. Kelsey’s first album for the C.I.M.P. was his debut. Kelsey’s reputation was first established with a series of albums for the C.I.M.P. label in the ’90s. He was a regular performer at NYC’s top venues and made frequent appearances at Knitting Factory. Parallel to his music journalism career, he was also a contributing journalist to Jazziz, JazzTimes and The All Music Guide to Jazz. He also served as Associate Editor to, written by Ted Gioia. Kelsey started playing alto sax in Oklahoma at age ten. Kelsey graduated with a Bachelors of music education from the University of Central Oklahoma. He then moved to New York City where he became involved in the vibrant Downtown jazz scene and the new music scene. He produced Stomp Own it, by his Almost Jazz Trio in 1993 for his Saxofonis Music record. The CIMP label released a series of CDs featuring NYC experimental jazz musicians like Jay Rosen, Dominic Duval and Francois Grillot. Kelsey has also played at the Knitting Factory and many other venues in New York for jazz and new music including Roulette Intermedia, P.S. Kelsey has also played at the Knitting Factory, P.S. 122, and CB’s 313. He has also performed at many city summer festivals including Knit’s “What is Jazz?” Festival, as well as the Bell Atlantic, Heineken and Texaco New York Jazz Festivals. Kelsey’s newest album is The Electric Miles Project. It was self-produced by What I Say and features original interpretations of Miles Davis’s music from the mid-1970s. Attack of the Contrafact is a book of Kelsey’s original compositions. It was published recently by Kelsey. He currently serves as the director of instrumental music for Trinity-Pawling School and lives in Dutchess County with Lisa and their two children, Jasper and Meret. from

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