Christoph Erb

He was born in Zurich, Switzerland as a tenor and soprano saxophone, and currently resides in Lucerne, Switzerland. He has performed regularly in Europe and the U.S. with many musicians, including: Jim Baker and Fred Lonberg–Holm. Jason Roebke and Jason Adasciewicz. Josh Berman and Keefe Jackson. Frank Rosaly and Nate Wooley. Paul Lovens and Michael Vatcher. Hans Koch, Urs Longruber, Martin Schutz. Peter Scharli. Frantz Loriot. Julian Sartorius. Christian Weber. He has performed on numerous tours throughout Europe, Russia, USA, and South America. He founded his label vetorecords in 2007 and, after spending four months in Chicago, he established the sublabel for improvised musical exchange vetoexchange in 2011. 2012, he was awarded the Culture Award by the City of Lucerne. He has more than 14 albums. You can find recordings on vetorecords, Hatology, and Creative Sources

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