Christoph Irniger

Christoph Irniger was born 1979 in Zürich. Between 2000 and 2006 he studied at Zurich University of Arts Music Pedagogy and at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts Performance Jazz with Christoph Grab and Nat Su. In the following years he stayed regularly in Berlin and New York with lessons with Dave Liebman, Mark Turner and Ari Hoenig. He won the scholarship of the Friedel Wald Foundation 04, a „borsa di studio“ for Sienajazz 06 and the 3. Prize of the Jazzprice of the Zürcher Kantonalbank. He plays concerts in the whole world and teaches at the Musicschool of Zürich. Collaborations with a.o. mit Claudio Puntin, Dan Weiss, Ohad Thalmor, Nils Wogram, Nasheet Waits, Ziv Ravitz, Nat Su, Stefano Senni, Max Frankl, Stefan Rusconi, Silke Eberhard, Mats Spillmann, Christian Weber, Chris Wiesendanger, Vera Kappeler, Marianne Racine, Jean-Paul Brodbeck, Peter Frei. His debut CD „Chat Noir“ (Brambus Records 2008) received rave reviews in the whole world. Following records : Cowboys from Hell (Monster Rodeo, Altri Suoni 2008), R.I.S.S. (Color & Style, Unit 2010), such as recordings with Spelterini (Un Fratino al Mar, 2010), Lucerne Jazz Orchestra and others. Christoph leads several projects of his own, including: PILGRIM feat: Stefan Aeby, Dave Gisler, Christian Weber and Michi Stulz. C.I. TRIO feat: Raffaele Bossard and Ziv Ravitz. He is Co-Leader of the COWBOYS FROM HELL feat. Marco Blöchlinger and Chrigel Bosshard. NO REDUCE feat. Raffaele Bossard, Dave Gisler and Nasheet Waits. NOIR feat. Don Philippe. Christoph part of the LUCERNE JAZZ ORCHESTRA. from

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