Chrome Hill

Chrome Hill includes Asbjorn Lierheim (baritone, electric guitar), Atle Nymo (tenor saxophone), Roger Arntzen(double bass), and Torstein Lofthus (“drums). Tell me about your first love of music, and I’ll reveal who you are. You could also say that guitarist Asbjorn Lerheim played blues before he became interested in jazz. He now plays blues, rock, and folk (and is inevitably linked to both) with Chrome Hill, which was formerly called Damp. Also a member of Lisan’s Quiet Quiet Project, Roger Arntzen (In the Country), Ballrogg and Trail of Souls), Torstein Lofthus, (Elephant9), Shining) as well as Atle Nymo, (Motif Saxwaffe, Atle Nymo Quartet), the latter replacing Jorgen Munkeby, (Shining), who was one of the most prominent figures in the Scandinavian heavy-metal scene. It is amazing to see how this new generation of musicians can use diverse music vocabularies and play multiple genres. This fascination for Americana, which is often seen in Europe, is even more striking. These guys can play Appalachian folk songs and Delta blues, all while still being jazz improvisers. Be marveled, people. From

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