Cindy Bradley

Unscripted is Cindy Bradley’s latest Trippin’ Rhythm recording. She’s not only keeping her trumpet and flugelhorns hip and grooving as lead jazz instruments, like her late greats Freddie Hubbard and Lee Morgan, but she’s also continuing her knack of picking album titles. Her 2009 debut album was called Bloom. The multi-talented performer has blossomed into an engaging and charismatic presence on radio and at contemporary jazz festivals. Cindy has performed at every venue, from the River Raisin’ Jazz Festival in Monroe Michigan to the Dubai Jazz Fest. She was awarded Best New Artist at American Smooth Jazz Awards, and she was also named Debut Artist Of The Year by Smooth Jazz News and Catalina Island Jazz Trax Festival. What are the steps to follow-up? Easy. Do not worry or overthink about people’s high expectations. It’s often best to let go of expectations. This is Cindy’s album’s perfect title. The collaboration on Bloom with Grammy-winning producer Michael Broening in Phoenix proved to be a creative stroke for Cindy, who is based in NYC. This collection showcased her many talents as a musician, which range from hard bop and traditional jazz to R.

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