CIRILIC A group of international musicians, based in Holland and the Czech Republic, that share a love for both classical and improvisatory music. Our debut album, “A Golden Age”, was recorded in October 2013. Before we began to create new arrangements and compositions, we had to ask ourselves two questions. Why should music be entertaining for listeners? Our perception of modern society was changed by the music we discovered while looking for material. Unfortunately, the younger generation has lost touch with great nations like Russia, France, Italy, Germany and France. Each year, people forget the names of cultural icons from these countries and this golden age. This album is our attempt at redressing the balance after feeling this loss. For inspiration, we looked deep into the 19th Century. Kirill is particularly fond of the Russians. We also visit Messaien, the great twentieth-century music composer. We are more aware of our cultural backgrounds as we all come from different countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Holland, South Korea, and Holland. We talked together about music, and that conversation carried over into the recording studio. What do we want to share? We want to honor the past, but also transform it through our current experience. We want to focus on the beauty of music, not just its political context. Beautiful harmony, complex rhythms, and melodies are the beauty of lush harmony. The beauty and interplay of group sound. Why should you care as a listener about this? Music is what makes us breathe, inspires us and educates. We feel that music, in particular, is stronger than any other art, and crosses all boundaries of time, space, and time. Music unites us. As you listen to this music and share it with us, we hope that you feel the spirit. From facebook

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