Clara Smith

Clara Smith, one of the most famous Smith singers of 1920s, was not as important as Mamie or on Bessie’s stage. However she did have something to offer. Around 1910 she began her career in theatre and vaudeville. She continued to learn over the next 13 year while touring the South. Clara Smith arrived in New York in 1923. She recorded steady for Columbia from 1932 to 1932. She also recorded vocal duets two with Bessie Smith, and four with Lonnie. Although Smith was often referred to as the Queen of the Moaners, her voice was actually lighter and more delicate than that of her main competitors and contemporaries. She was a performer all over the country, including on the West Coast in 1924-25 and Harlem revues during the prime years. Clara Smith was active up until her death at 40 from heart failure.

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