Clare Fischer

Clare Fischer was a keyboardist, composer and arranger as well as a bandleader. Fischer was the composer of “Pensativa”, and “Morning,” two popular standards. He has always been interested in Latin rhythms. After graduating in 1956 from Michigan State University, Fischer moved to Los Angeles in 1957 and worked as an accompanist for the Hi-Lo’s. He was a writer for the 1960 Dizzy Gillespie album, “A Portrait of Duke Ellington”. In 1962, he recorded bossa Nova. The following year, he recorded two trio sets. Fischer alternated between both formats throughout the years. He recorded in many settings, including solo piano and as a leader of a Latin-dominated Latin band, Salsa Picante. Fischer, who is based in Los Angeles, is an excellent organist and strong electric keyboardist. He recorded extensively over the years for labels such as Pacific Jazz/World Pacific and Discovery. After the Rain, his first CD of classical music, was released in 2003. Clare Fischer, who had suffered a heart attack just two weeks before, died in a Burbank hospital on January 26, 2012. He was 83 years of age. From allmusic

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