Claudia Villela

Claudia Villela, composer and vocalist, has a talent that is unmatched in musical exploration. She grew up in Rio de Janeiro and was surrounded by the sounds of Brazil: Samba, Bossa Nova. Partido Alto. Choro. Baiao. Maracatu. But she also absorbed influences from music all around the globe, including Jazz from classical to avant-garde. Villela believes music is a spiritual activity to be enjoyed openly, unpremeditated, and a search for inspiration. Villela’s vocal improvisations and compositions reflect the full range human emotion, sometimes dramatic. Sometimes funny, but always captivating. Brazil’s rich heritage of rhythms, moods and music is alive in music. Claudia Villela’s compositions, performances and improvisations received rave reviews from critics. They also sold out crowds all over the world. Her sensual music and performances are both nostalgic and modern, and transcend the language of its medium, exuding creativity, intelligence, and depth. from

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