Claudio Guida

Claudio Lugo was Claudio Guida’s supervisor and Claudio Guida received his Saxophone degree at the Conservatory A. Vivaldi in Alessandria in 1996. He completed the Advanced Course in Jazz at Conservatory “G. Verdi” in Milan in 2005, where he received a specialistic degree. . He received a second specialistic degree (with Riccardo Sinigaglia) in Electronic Music at the Milan Conservatory in 2009. He attended masterclasses at “Centre International de Formation Musicale” in Nice. At the Conservatory of Parma, he studied jazz with Furio di Castri, bassist. Maria Silvia Roveri directed the Functional Voice masterclasses in 2009. He also attended masterclasses by Robert Bonisolo and Chris Collins. He won the 3rd prize in 1991 at the International Competition of Music, the “Ispra Award” for Soloists. He won the 1st prize in 1993 with honors at the “12th Wereld Muziek Concours” in Holland, with the Wind Orchestra “Accademia”. He won the 1st prize in July 2001 with special mention and honors to the ” Certament Internacional de Bandas de Musica Ciudad de Valencia” within the ‘Wind Orchestra of Soncino Cremona. He has worked with the ” OFSI” Brass Orchestra of Italian Switzerland, the? Piemonte Youth Symphony Orchestra u0026 the Symphony Orchestra of Savona and, since 1998, with the? Milano Symphony Orchestra “Giuseppe Verdi”, where he was supervised by renowned masters such as Riccardo Chailly. He was invited to the Orchestral European Social Fund courses in August 2000 and became a member the Youthe Wind Orchestra. {He is a member UPO Saxophone Quartet ( sax quartet University of Eastern Piemonte )nIn addition to the activities concerning classical music , Claudio Guide is primarily engaged in formations from many different musical genres , both as a freelance permanent member .|He is also a member of UPO Saxophone Quartet (sax quartet University of Eastern Piemonte). Claudio Guide is principally involved in formations of many musical genres, both as a permanent and freelance member.} He was involved in studio recording activities at the CEM in Novara, Total Wipes, and Atlantis Studio Milan, where he collaborated on several recording projects, including Pilot Jazou, Noiret, Motor Rosa, Dipper, Black Bit, and Motor Rosa. Luca Jurman Gigi Cifarelli Gigi Rodolfi Gigi Guido quartet. Marcello Testa Trio (guests in the so-called “An Ordinary Week” Ultrasound – 2008 and 2009 ), Sergio Armaroli 4et ( Prayer u0026 Request – Dodicilune – 2010). Also, ‘guest at the Italian (Turin), 2008 tour of Gino vannelli Mike Mainieiri was a guest on the August 2010 Ramin Jazz Senigallia review ( AN). He was a regular companion to the comedians “Veronica” and “Malandrino” in numerous shows across Italy. In December 1993, he participated in the television production “Listen It is Night”. He has been a member of the Big Band Emilio Vercelli, Ascona (CH), Big Band and Big Band with pianist Dino Siani. He is a member of the big band led by Claudio ” Wolly” Allifranchini, saxophonist. He co-authored the draft Directions in 2007 and co-founded it in 2008. In October 2008, he released the self-titled CD. In 2008, he was awarded second place in the “New Talent of the Italian jazz” competition at Piacenza Jazz Festival. Public Records for DenRecords -or “Platform- One” – released the debut album OnePlusOne in 2012. It was co-produced by Marcello Testa, bassist. Marcello also wrote the original tracks for the atypical doublebass / sax training sax. Teachers of Saxophone, Jazz Harmony and Ensemble Music at the music schools “Dedalo” in Novara, and “Sonoria Modern Music School” in Cossato ( Bi). Music Technologies at the Novara state high school F. Casorati. Founder of “CG Mouthpiece Italia”, a brand that produces fine, handcrafted mouthpieces for saxophones. This is in collaboration with T.Camporelli and D.Gadino.

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