Clemens Grassmann

Clemens, born in Berlin, Germany in 1991, is a musician and percussionist. At the age of ten, he began playing Drumset. Clemens also studied Cuban Percussion in Cuba. Since then, he has doubled on bongos, congas and other percussion instruments. Clemens, who had studied for three years with Prof. Mario Wurzebesser, moved to Dresden in Summer 2011. There, he studied Jazz-Rock-Pop Drumset with Prof. Sebastian Merk, and with Prof. Michael Griener. Clemens spent two years in Dresden before he was awarded a scholarship through the Berklee Umbria summer clinics program to Berklee College of Music. He then moved to Boston in Fall 2013, to continue his studies. While studying and playing music with mentors like Neal Smith and Kenwood Dennard, Terri Lyne Carrington, Ralph Peterson and Terri Lyne Carrington, Clemens embraced many aspects and essentials. Clemens has recorded and played with many musicians in Berlin, Dresden, Boston, and New York. His art is well-known in many styles, including Jazz, Rock, Pop and Soul as well as Jazz, Rock and Pop. Clemens has been involved in many musical projects, including his own band, Labyrinths, between Boston, MA, and New York City.

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