Clément Belio

So, I’m 22 years old, I’m a firstly drummer. I started playing guitar when I was 15 and have been playing drums since age 7. My rythmic background led me to Metal. Actually, I enjoy/listen/play Progressive Metal/Jazz/Djent… Lots of Jazz since my first 8-string guitar. So I like all this weird stuff with complex structure/shapes/chords, polyrythms and high gains solid tones. Periphery is growing in popularity so I tried my best to make my first EP original. You can also see the evolution of my soundcloud over the past 2 years. Jazz and contemporary music are my passions now. I love everything from the label ECM haha… (no seriously This label rules so hard “If your instrument truly determines the way you write a song,” why not consider playing more than 1 instrument? Mixing genres can make everything better. You can listen to this here. Although I am not an expert or a polyvalent musician, I try to use all the instruments that I have in my own way to expand my musical palette. ” I play, write and record all instruments. You can also use vocals, piano, and sax. You can also find unusual instruments such as the Melodica and Kalimba, Bouzouki, Oud and some oriental percussions from Soundcloud

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