Cliff Jackson

One of the most powerful stride pianists, Cliff Jackson never became all that famous in the jazz world despite his talent. In 1923, he moved to New York, where he played with Lionel Howard’s Musical Aces in 1924, and freelanced. Jackson recorded, in 1927, with Bob Fuller and Elmer Snowden, and then formed a big band (the Krazy Kats) that made some exuberant recordings in 1930, including “Horse Feathers” and “The Terror.” After that band broke up, Jackson mostly worked as a soloist in New York clubs. He recorded with Sidney Bechet during 1940-1941; cut some solos and Dixieland sides for Black & White (1944-1945); made three solos for Disc (1945); led a band for a Swingville session (1961); and recorded solo for Black Lion, Ri-Disc, Jazzology, and Master Jazz (1969). Cliff Jackson is also documented in 1966 playing at a festival (on Jazzology) with his wife, Maxine Sullivan. from allmusic

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